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One strategic advantage that Eli Lilly and Company has in working with Simple Solutions on many of our business automation projects is that they can adapt their role in the project to best facilitate results. Some projects we have decided to hand over the project totally to them to obtain the desired results. Other projects we have Lilly personnel work side by side we had a Simple Solutions employee learn our logistics system and all the difficulties we were experiencing with it. He then wrote a user friendly front end to the system taking all of those problems away. Their flexibility is a great asset to have as our business partner.


B. Ensign Information Engineer Eli Lilly and Company

Simple Solutions offered us the flexibility of designing our system from the ground up. In- stead of an 'out of the box' application they pro- vided us with a superior, custom solution quickly and cost effectively.

S. Comella, Marketing Manager Roche Diagnostics

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